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Show firmware and login details for a Ruckus Unleashed / ZoneDirector Backup

Use this tool if you don't know which version of ZoneDirector software you need to be running in order to restore a backup.

Also use this tool if you've forgotten the login details for your Ruckus Unleashed/ZoneDirector, but you have access to a backup.


If your password contained any ~ characters, these aren't stored in the backup.
Hopefully the rest of the password jogs your memory enough so you can insert these in the right place.

Online Tool

Your internet browser will use Javascript to do the parsing.
No data from the backup file will leave your PC.

Bash script (using Python)

Paste this script into a bash shell, to create the extraction function:-

function ruckus_getadmin {
RUCKUS_BAK="$1" python3 - <<END
import io
import os
import struct
import tarfile
import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET

input_path = os.environ['RUCKUS_BAK']

(xor_int, xor_flip) = struct.unpack('QQ', b')\x1aB\x05\xbd,\xd6\xf25\xad\xb8\xe0?T\xc58')
structInt8 = struct.Struct('Q')

with open(input_path, 'rb') as input_file:
    with io.BytesIO() as output_file:
        input_data =
        previous_input_int = 0
        for input_int in struct.unpack_from(str(len(input_data) // 8) + 'Q', input_data):
            output_bytes = structInt8.pack(previous_input_int ^ xor_int ^ input_int)
            xor_int ^= xor_flip
            previous_input_int = input_int
        with = output_file) as tar:
            system_xml = tar.extractfile('etc/airespider/system.xml').read()
            tree = ET.fromstring(system_xml)
            admin = tree.find('./admin')
            username = admin.attrib['username']
            x_password = admin.attrib['x-password']
            password = ''.join(chr(ord(letter)-1) for letter in x_password)
            print('user =', username)
            print('pass =', password)

Now you can point the function at your latest backup:-

$ ruckus_getadmin ruckus_db_080622_16_21.bak

user = ms264556
pass = MyPassw0rd

Python aioruckus script

The Python aioruckus package can also be used to extract Ruckus Unleashed/ZoneDirector firmware and login info from backups.

Sample Python code to do this:-

from aioruckus import BackupSession, SystemStat
import asyncio

async def print_admin_user():
    with BackupSession.create("<path to your ZoneDirector/Unleashed .bak file>") as session:
        system_info = await session.api.get_system_info(SystemStat.SYSINFO, SystemStat.ADMIN)
        print(f"{system_info['sysinfo']['model']}: {system_info['sysinfo']['version']}")
        print(f"{system_info['admin']['username']}: {system_info['admin']['password']}")