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Convert an XClaim Xo-1 AP to a Ruckus T300

These APs have identical hardware inside, so you can convert the XClaim software without too much fuss.


The steps below assume the AP is plugged directly into your computer.
If your AP is plugged into a switch and is picking up an IP address via DHCP then you will have to substitute its assigned IP address anywhere the text appears below.

SSH to the AP

$ ssh -oHostKeyAlgorithms=+ssh-rsa

Login. The default username is "xclaim-mfg", password is "mfg-admin12".


You may need to do a factory reset (by sticking a pin in the reset hole for a few seconds) if the default username and password don't work.

Perform command injection

xclaim : Ruckus

Now type ";/bin/sh;" including the quotes and hit enter (you won't be able to see what you're typing)



Instead of grrrr, another dog noise could be printed to the screen.

Escape to shell

xclaim : !v54!
What's your chow:

Now hit enter, and you should be dropped into a root shell.

BusyBox v1.15.2 (2020-10-27 13:20:01 IST) built-in shell (ash)
Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.



If you don't see a BusyBox shell prompt, and instead see just the xclaim : prompt then the injection hasn't worked.
Repeat the command injection step, ensuring you type ";/bin/sh;" including the quotes.

Upload and install the T300 Solo firmware

I assume

Copy the firmware onto your AP

# tftp -g -l /tmp/solo.img -r <T300 Solo firmware> <TFTP server>


# tftp -g -l /tmp/solo.img -r T300_110.

Flash the firmware

# flashcp /tmp/solo.img /dev/mtd5 2>/dev/null && bsp set image_type 1
# flashcp /tmp/solo.img /dev/mtd7 2>/dev/null && bsp set image_type 2


One of these flashcp commands will take a minute or so, the other will take no time at all.
Which one takes a long time depends on which flash partition is currently active.

Store T300 model information and request factory reset

# bsp set antinfo 0x0000055e
# bsp set name T300
# bsp set model T300
# bsp set factory 1
# bsp commit

You will see something like this:-

Saving flash .....
bdSave: sizeof(bd)=0x7c, sizeof(rbd)=0xd0
  caching flash data from /dev/mtd3 [ 0x00000000 - 0x00010000 ]
  updating flash data [0x00000000 - 0x0000007c] from [0x7f8a7ac8 - 0x7f8a7b44]
  updating flash data [0x00008000 - 0x000080d0] from [0x7f8a7b44 - 0x7f8a7c14]
_erase_flash: offset=0x0 count=1
Erase Total 1 Units
Performing Flash Erase of length 262144 at offset 0x0 done
  caching flash data from /dev/mtd3 [ 0x00000000 - 0x00010000 ]
  verifying flash data [0x00000000 - 0x0000007c] from [0x7f8a7ac8 - 0x7f8a7b44]
  verifying flash data [0x00008000 - 0x000080d0] from [0x7f8a7b44 - 0x7f8a7c14]
... Changes saved to flash

Now you can reboot into the T300 Solo firmware

# reboot

Upgrade from Solo to Unleashed firmware

Login to the AP's web administration interface.

The default username is "super", password is "sp-admin".


Your browser will show a security warning. This is normal and you should choose Advanced and then click through to the website by pressing Accept the Risk and Continue or Continue to (unsafe) (the exact wording will vary depending on your browser).

Upgrade to Ruckus Unleashed

I assume you have downloaded the latest Ruckus T300 Unleashed 200.7 firmware.

Navigate to Maintenance > Upgrade.
Choose Upgrade Method: Local and press the Local File Name: Browse... button and select your Ruckus T300 Unleashed 200.7 firmware file.
Choose Perform Upgrade.


The upgrade will take several minutes. You probably won't be able to reconnect for a few minutes after the web administration interface says the upgrade is finished.

Released under the BSD Zero Clause License.