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Recovering after a ZoneDirector failure

Old ZoneDirectors may suddenly fail.

If you have a backup and bought the ZoneDirector from Ruckus or an authorized reseller, then you can RMA the broken ZoneDirector and restore your backup.

I don't know which version of ZoneDirector software I was running when I took the backup

Backups will only restore onto a ZoneDirector running the same software version.

If you have support then Ruckus support can tell you the software version you need.

But it's not too hard to do this for yourself.

I have a dead ZD1100 which I can't or don't want to RMA

ZoneDirector 1100 models fail because the internal flash drive stops working.
Luckily, the ZD1100 is much fussier than your PC, so you can use your PC to copy the ZoneDirector configuration onto a replacement flash drive.

  • Open the ZD1100 case and remove the flash drive.
  • Plug the flash drive into one of your PC's USB ports and use ImageUSB to make a backup.
  • Insert a spare 2GB (or larger) USB drive and use ImageUSB to restore your backup.
  • Insert the replacement flash drive into the ZD1100 and close the case.

I have a dead ZD1200 which I can't RMA

ZoneDirector 1200 models fail because the CPU dies. You will have to buy a cheap replacement off e.g. eBay.


You may also buy an Access Networks C120, if this is cheaper, since it's just a rebadged ZD1200.

I have no backup for my dead ZD1200

On the old ZD1200

  • Record the serial number. It's printed on the bottom of the case.
  • Open the case and remove the CF Card.

Need to RMA the old ZD?

If you have to RMA the old ZD then use ImageUSB to make a backup, then replace the CF Card and close the case.

On the new ZD1200

  • SSH into the ZD's CLI, and give it your dead ZD's serial number.
    e.g. if I wanted to give my ZD a new serial number 441408000007:-

    Welcome to the Ruckus Wireless ZoneDirector 1200 Command Line Interface
    ruckus> enable
    ruckus# "" "" "441408000007" "" "" "" ""
    ... Changes saved to flash
    Creating Root CA......... done
    Creating certificate..... done
    Board Data Written:
    Board    :inu
    Model    :ZD1200
    Serial   :441408000007
    MAC1     :F0:B7:52:00:01:00
    MAC2     :F0:B7:52:00:01:01
    CUSTOMER :ruckus
    rbd:FAIL   441408000007


The rbd:FAIL message is normal. It's complaining that we defaulted most of the parameters instead of explicitly specifying them.

  • Turn the ZD off.
  • Open the case, and swap in the CF Card from your dead ZD.

Did you RMA the old ZD?

If you had to RMA the old ZD then use ImageUSB to restore your backup onto the new ZD's CF card, then replace it.

  • Close the case and turn the ZD back on.

I want to restore my ZD3000 backup onto a ZD1100 or ZD1200

ZoneDirector 3000 models are big, loud, and use a lot of power.
The ZoneDirector 1200 is small, silent and sips power. It supports up to 150 APs and 4000 clients.

Unfortunately Ruckus has a policy of only allowing you to restore backups from 'smaller' models to 'larger' models, so you can't restore a ZD3000 backup onto a ZD1100 or ZD1200.

But it's possible to patch a ZD3000 backup so that it will restore onto any ZoneDirector. Grab the patch and run it on a Linux or Windows WSL shell.

$ chmod +x
$ ./ ruckus_db_052323_14_06.bak ruckus_db_052323_14_06.unlocked.bak
Decrypting ZoneDirector Backup: ruckus_db_052323_14_06.bak

Version: build 240
User: ms264556
Password: myP@ssword
Required AP Licenses: 8

Creating ZoneDirector 1100/1200/3000 Backup: ruckus_db_052323_14_06.unlocked.bak

Released under the BSD Zero Clause License.